lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Air Pollution

The most serious environmental issue that we are Racing today is the air pollution. Unfortunately, our society is not aware of the damage that they’re causing to the planet. Everyday, we see new natural phenomena devastations around the globe and we still manage to not change our way of thinking towards this issue. As scientists start to discover the changes that our planet is suffering, the reality of the problem is being caused by the pollution that lies in the air of the atmosphere. However, several new projects are informing the people about this issue and we can help the planet survive.

Governments from all over the World are focusing on the environmental issues that Earth has. As a matter of fact, the U.S., one of the most influential country, is investing in “green” projects from organizations that are willing to make something on order to see a positive change to the problem. But what is the real cause for the terrible situation in which we are in? Well, basically we are talking of years and years that are society has constantly damage the layers in the atmosphere by throwing waste gases without knowing. Cars, trains and industries leave high a amount of polluted air to the atmosphere. The excessive energy that we use causes also a considerably high damage on the air.

The consequences that this issue carries are catastrophic and can originate several negative changes to the surface that will only leave suffering and death. Nature has always helped us in every aspect of our lives but we have never consider a way to return those favors back. Storms and tempetures are intensifying and causing for example, the melting of the ice poles. If the ice poles melt, the water levels will rise so all of the oceans and seas will cause devastions in ports and cities. These holes in the ozone layer are causing sun rays and heat to enter the atmosphere with more intensity. Farmers are aware of the issue because they are strugling with scarcity and low quality of their products. In a way, air pollution is something that affects everybody and you might not feel the change in your life at the moment but, you will eventually if nothing is done to stop the damage.

But what can we do against air pollution? Well, as you know cars that are not properly tuned leave toxic gases in the atmosphere causing a huge damage. So, carpooling is an alternative for those who are thinking of buying used cars because this reduces the traffic and the gases that are thrown out by the engine. Also, reducing the amount of electricity used will help stabilize the energy so that we use less and less each time. Recycling things and reusing products can also help because with a less amount of garbage, fewer gases will reach the sky. Companies around the world that use plastic containers, are using clean and purified cans to prevent a damage in the atmosphere (It’s also cheaper). These are some of the ways you can contribute to this issue to reduce the damage that our planet having.

Air pollution is basically the most serious issue that we’re facing today. Governments are trying to reduce the problem by investing funds in new projects that can inform others about the issue and how we can solve it. The damages caused by air pollution can be catastrophic to nature and to human life. It is important to consider the ways you can reduce air polliution to avoid issues in the future. Air pollution can cause terrible damage to life but if you are aware of the changes you can make in order to fight against the issue, we can still save our planet.

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